What’s your average screen time per day?

2021 Average:
4 Hr 12 Min.

2022 Projection:
5 Hr 30 Min.

In 2021, you spent 64 days on your phone.

That’s 17.5% of your entire year.

Or... more importantly...

  • 3066Meditation Sessions

  • 383Get Togethers with Loved Ones

  • 1533Yoga Classes

  • 1533Creative Hours

  • 307Spa Days

  • 767Hikes

  • 9One-Week Vacations

  • 3.1Languages Learnt

  • 2044Gardening Sessions

  • 3679Bubble Baths

  • 307Books Read

  • 1022Workouts

  • 2628Walks in Nature

  • 18396Journaling Prompts

  • 2300Naps

  • 1840Episodes of your favorite podcast

  • 767Date Nights

  • 43Adventures to New Places

  • 767Shows at the Theater

  • 511New Skill Courses

What's your daily screen time goal for 2022?

That means you'll reclaim...
  • 2Hr57Min

    Every Day
  • 20Hr39Min

    Every Week
  • 44Days20Hr45Min

    Every Year

Let’s make that happen.

You take the pledge, we help you reduce your screen time by 20% in just 3 weeks*.

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* based on not less but better 2019 study participants.

How do I find out my screen time?

My 'Screen Time' on iPhone

Open:Settings AppScreen TimeSee All Activity.

Select your "Week" view then Swipe the graph back one week to see "Last Week's Average".

Enter this number into the site.

My 'Screen Time' on Android

Open:Settings AppDigital Wellbeing & parental controls

Under “Your Digital Wellbeing tools,” tap Show your data.

Enter this number into the site.

My 'Screen Time' on a Mac

Open:System PreferencesScreen Time

Click on the date at the top and select This Week.

Enter this number into the site.